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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Keeping Your Dog Safe In The Summer Heat

The Washington DC area is experiencing the hottest summer on record.  It is important to keep your dog safe in the summer heat. So far this year 3 dogs have died  from heat related illnesses. If you are too hot this time of year, more than likely, your pet is too.  Direct sun, lack of fresh, cool water and concrete can be extremely dangerous to pets left outside. These conditions make it hard for a dog to regulate his body temperature which can lead to heat stroke.

There are several items that can help your dog be comfortable in this heat wave. The portable handi-drink for dogs  provides instant water for your dog when you are out and don’t have access to fresh water.

For the outside dog there is a Contech water dog - motion activated outdoor pet fountainAnother item to help your dog beat the heat is a Cooling bed  This bed offers your pet soothing relief from warmer weather. Finally, there is the cooling fan. This battery operated fan  attaches easily to most crates or cages.


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