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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Have You Ever Owned A Guinea Pig? Would You Consider Having One As A Pet?

Have you ever owned a guinea pig? Then you know they make wonderful companions! They are docile members of the rodent family, rarely bite and are known for squeaking with delight when their favorite humans enter the room.

Guinea pigs are excellent pets for older children who have learned proper handling techniques. They are the gentlest of the pocket pets, which include mice, hamsters, rats and gerbils and so are ideal pets for responsible children.

Guinea pigs drink a lot of water and love to run the water out of the bottles! Water bottles with stainless steel ball bearing sipper tubes are the best kind to use.

Before buying a guinea pig, please consider these facts:

1. They are social animals.

2. They are usually quiet they can call out quite loudly.
3. They can be active both day and night.
4. Consider keeping a same sex pair so they have company.
5.  Their life span is around 5-7 years, however, they have been known to live longer.
6.  They are a long-term commitment.
7. They can generally become very tame with frequent handling.
8. A pair of females is a good choice, while a pair of males may fight.
9. They may be a little nervous at first, but they rarely bite.
10. You can purchase a cage…or make your own.
11. Keep the cage in an area where temperatures range between 65 - 75 F (18-25C). Guinea pigs handle cold quite well but they are very susceptible to heat stroke.


Guinea pigs are larger than hamsters, but smaller than rabbits. They have rounded stout body, with no visible tail. However, a few tail vertebrae can be felt under the skin. They are approximately 10 inches long, and can weigh between  2-3 pounds. They also come in a variety of colors


You should choose a Veterinarian that works with exotic pets, guinea pigs, parrots and other small animals. Always contact your Vet if you observe any of the following: Your pet has not eaten for more than eight hours; has very labored breathing; is bleeding from mouth, rectum or genital area; inability to urinate; extreme lethargy; and diarrhea that is watery and foul-smelling.

Please take a look at this cute video showing 3 guinea pigs fighting over a cucumber!

                                                                       Click on image to enlarge.
                                                                        photo Guineapigs-2_zpsc7dad9c0.jpg

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