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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

New York Service Dog is Now Being Hailed a Hero: Jumps In Front of Bus for Blind Owner

A New York service dog is now being hailed a hero after saving his blind owner from an oncoming mini school bus.

The Brewster, New York, school bus was carrying two kindergartners to St. Lawrence O’Toole Childhood Learning Center when the service dog, Bigo, became alert. The driver reportedly didn’t see Bigo and his owner, Audrey Stone, crossing the road on Monday morning, so Bigo leapt into action.

“I don’t know if [the driver] thought [Stone] was going to move faster, but it looks like the dog tried to take most of the hit for her,” Paul Schwartz, a manager at the Xtra Mart gas station near the intersection where Stone was hit, said.

When Schwartz reached the scene of the crash, Stone’s head was bleeding and she was complaining about pain from her hip. In photos, the driver’s side wheel and intersection of the accident are covered in dog fur.

“There were 15 EMTs and people all around her and the dog didn’t want to leave her side,” Shwartz said. “He was flopping over to her and she didn’t want him to get away from her, either. She kept screaming, ‘Where’s Bigo? Where’s Bigo? Where’s Bigo?’ We kept telling her he was fine.”

Schwartz added that Bigo was a good sport as EMTs bandaged his right leg. He never barked or yelped, but simply allowed the EMTs to work without complaint. However, Bigo appeared lost once Stone was pulled away in the ambulance, Schwartz noted.

Bigo was taken to the vet in a fire truck, where he underwent surgery on his leg. Stone is also currently being treated.

The driver of the bus has since been given a summons for failing to yield to a pedestrian.

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