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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Special Foster Home Needed for Two Female Senior German Shepherd Bonded Ladies Most Likely Degenerative Myelopathy

This comes from dog rescuer Jennifer Quesenberry in Virginia:

I know this is a long shot request, but these two girls really need our help.

May and Princess — AGES: 8-9 Unknown with cats or kids.

May and Princess are two female seniors who have been bred their entire lives. Their owner dumped them at a rural shelter in NC, saying “they weren’t in good shape.”  The shelter has taken them to the vet, as they cannot walk and are dragging their legs. They suspect DM [degenerative myelopathy] and one may have hip dysplasia, but all blood work and x-rays looked good otherwise. They are both HW negative.

We would like to keep these two in the same foster home. The shelter told us they lived with dogs in their previous home and do not pay attention to the shelter dogs. They are in a chain link kennel outside at this shelter, directly next to another GSD and seem to do well. They can be put to sleep at any time and are extremely urgent.

I have been begging and pleading with everyone I know to pull these seniors, and am told they have NO commitment. With several people offering boarding we have decided that if money can be raised to have them boarded while we work out the details of where they go, then we will help them. Please help us save these girls. We need to commit TODAY to get them out.

I set a high goal due to their current health and the unknown with taking them on.

They will still need a foster, if you can help please email us at

We are 501c3 and your donation is tax-deductible.

Thank you!

UPDATE: 04/11/15
I picked up May and Princess last night from a transport at 2:00am and dropped them off at my local emergency vet for boarding. Once we got there I realized just how pitiful their situation is. My heart stopped. Was this the right thing to do? Would they be better off with humane euthanasia? I went home and the four hours I slept were spent dreaming about them.

This morning, I went to see them. They were completely different dogs! The shy withdrawn dogs were suddenly true GSDs – they just couldn’t walk! I had planned to bring them home with me for one night, but Princess wasn’t having it with my current dogs. She may have been defending herself or simply trying to play, but she was a feisty one.

I went back into the vet and spent over an hour with them. I saw their true selves emerge. They can’t walk, but they can scoot and they loved every second of my attention. I went and bought new toys and after a brief moment of confusion and a few squeaks – they were all games! I spent over an hour tossing the toy back and forth, numerous ear rubs and just loving on them. It was difficult to leave, but I will be back in the morning.

These girls need a solution. The vet is not the place to be. Even though they were generous enough to donate their entire office to the girls, they need a real loving home. They have so much left in them.  Please help us find that special home willing to give them the love they have deserved their whole lives.

We have a vet appointment tomorrow. We hope there is something we can do, but our funds are really tight and we’re not sure what to expect. They both really need an MRI, but at this time we do not have enough money to order one.

Training Rescue Dogs does TRANSPORTS!  Contact here for details.

If you would like to donate towards their boarding fees or medical care, please CLICK HERE.  For updates, please follow our Facebook page


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