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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Meet Sauerkraut, the Internet's New Favorite Grumpy Face Kitty

All hail Miss Sauerkraut! As the newest kitty on the scene, this Oklahoma-based cutester with the scowling face looks set to rocket to the very top tier of the Internet's most adored cats. While it's her disproving and judgmental face that catches the social media eye at first, the look -- and her concomitant habit of dressing up in various outfits -- is a consequence of Sauerkraut's battle with feline hyperesthesia. (You can read more about the condition by digging through the Catster vaults.)

Taking a break out from tracking Sauerkraut's rise to the top, I spoke to her human, Amy Bender, about the origins of her perturbed look, her views on Grumpy Cat, and whether she's actually a fan of the fermented cabbage dish she is named after.

Catster: What made you decide to keep Sauerkraut, as opposed to just fostering her?

Amy Bender: Her health issues made her less adoptable to the usual crowd. When you put so much care into a special needs kitty, you get attached and want the best for them.

Getting to the big question, what's at the heart of Sauerkraut's grumpiness?

I think she's very annoyed that she doesn't have thumbs and a driver's license.

So what one thing in the world would make Sauerkraut a little less grumpy?

Becoming the next leader of North Korea.

How does she feel about Grumpy Cat, the world's most notable crabby cat?

Definitely a role model. Actually, Sauerkraut would love to meet her some day.

Sauerkraut's Facebook page mentions that she has a plan for world domination. How is she going about achieving that?

She has a secret war room where she has clandestine meetings with some minions, a devil bear, and Domo. I'm not allowed in. I think we are all in trouble though. I'm working on a bunker.

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