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Monday, January 11, 2016

Prince William County, Virginia: Coyotes Spotted in the Manassas Area

Coyotes have been spotted in the western part of Prince William County in the Manassas area.

Police said two separate coyotes were spotted in two areas recently. They said many coyotes have been seen in the county in the past few years, and the next two months are the breeding season for coyotes.

Single coyotes are likely seeking a mate. They are nocturnal animals, venturing out mostly at night.

Police said they can be seen during the day in urban and suburban areas if there is a food source or an easily accessed area to make a den. They said the best way to prevent them from becoming a problem is to not give them a reason to take up residence in the community.

Some tips to keep coyotes away:
  • Keep trash inside until the morning of trash pick-up or place trash in an animal proof container, such as a metal or plastic trashcan with latches on the lids.
  • Do not leave pet food outside; keep pet feeding areas clean.
  • Close up all openings under and into your buildings. Animals look for places to den and raise their young - don't give them that opportunity.
  • Clear fallen fruit from around trees.
  •  Keep brushy areas in your yard cut down to prevent cover for coyotes.
  •  Keep small pets inside, and on a leash when outside. They may be viewed by a coyote as prey. Larger dogs are viewed as a threat particularly from January to June while mating and birthing coyote pups.
  • Install coyote proof fencing to protect unsupervised pets.
Anyone experiencing a problem with coyotes or other wildlife, please dial the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries toll-free wildlife conflict helpline at 1-855-571-9003.


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