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Friday, August 29, 2014

Washington, DC - Urgent! Emergency Medical Fund Donations Are Needed for Seriously Injured Animals at The Washington Humane Society

The Washington Humane Society (WHS) has a number of seriously injured animals requiring advanced care. We are regularly depleting the resources available in our emergency medical fund.

Please consider making a donation to SOPHIE'S FUND now.

This fund enables the WHS to provide animals with urgent, specialized medical care. Sophie's Fund saves lives every day.

Louie is a nine-pound, eight-week-old puppy who was struck first by a truck, and then by a car on Saturday night. He was brought to WHS and immediately transported to our partners at Friendship Hospital for Animals to receive emergency care.  He sustained a large laceration to his chest, lost and fractured a number of teeth, had extensive bruising of his lungs, and suffered a broken jaw.  The hospital stabilized Louie, treated his chest trauma, began pain management, and closed his jaw with a medical tape muzzle. The protective muzzle must remain on for at least four weeks to allow his fractured bones to heal on their own. During this time, he will be hand-fed mashed puppy food through a syringe. Louie will be re-examined in a month to determine if surgical intervention is necessary. Louie is now in the home of a specialized WHS medical foster family where we are hopeful he will recover fully from his many injuries.

Can you help animals like Louie NOW?  Please donate to Sophie's Fund.

An approximately two-year-old female cat, Zoey was surrendered to WHS because her owner could no longer care for her. Zoey arrived with severe infections and corneal ulcers in both eyes, was suffering ocular pain, and had lost her sight in both eyes. Upon examination, our medical team diagnosed Zoey with eyelid agenesis, an uncommon birth defect found mostly in cats. Her eyes were not protected by eyelids and were constantly subjected to dust and hair. Additionally, the defect prevented her eyes from being properly hydrated and they were likely irritated, aggravated, and inflamed her entire life. Our veterinarian team successfully removed her damaged eyes, and no long term complications are expected. Zoey had already learned to find her way around tactically and will now be pain free. She is currently recovering with a specialized WHS foster family and will be available for adoption soon.

Can you help animals like Zoey NOW? Please donate to Sophie's Fund.

Bamboo is a four-week-old puppy who was surrendered to WHS after an alleged accident in which a large speaker fell on her head. Her owner said her family could not afford veterinary care. It was clear from visual inspection upon her arrival at WHS that Bamboo’s head was damaged, and she was rushed to Friendship Hospital for Animals. Radiographs revealed that Bamboo had a sinus fracture, with air build-up in her skull. She was stabilized, put on a catheter, placed under close observation because of abnormal neurological symptoms, and monitored for seizures. While she has some weakness in her rear legs, possibly due to a spinal injury, she does feel them and has motor function, so we remain cautiously optimistic. Bamboo spent a few days at the hospital and is now being fostered by the WHS Medical Director who can closely observe her progress and determine her best regime for recovery.

Can you help animals like Bamboo NOW? Please donate to Sophie's Fund.

All of our injured animals deserve the love, care, and hope that Louie, Zoey, and Bamboo are receiving.

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