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Friday, August 17, 2018

Does Your Dog Have Arthritis? – Do You Know the Symptoms?

Can dogs have arthritis?…yes they can. They can develop it just as we humans do.

When I noticed my shih-tzu, Domino starting to limp, I took him to the Vet. He diagnosed him with arthritis and prescribed medication, and also suggested that I get him an orthopedic bed specially made for dogs with arthritis. The bed did not look like a bed at all…it looked more like a piece of foam. When I put him on it, he immediately jumped off. Later that day I saw him checking it out, sniffing and put a paw up on it.

I placed it next to his bed upstairs and left it there. He continued to sleep in his regular bed.  I awakened one morning to find him asleep in the new bed.
Domino had two beds, one downstairs and one upstairs…he was spoiled. I put it next to the bed upstairs.  I started to notice when I was downstairs he would go upstairs. This was unusual because he always stayed downstairs with me. I could not figure out what was so interesting upstairs all of sudden to him. Not thinking about the bed, I decided to go see what he was doing. I would find him sitting or lying down on the bed.

I don’t know if these beds really work since I had no way of asking him if it felt better. I just assumed that it was comfortable for him. I finally moved it downstairs and he continued to sleep on it.

Have you noticed your dog having any of the following symptoms?
  • Reluctance to jump, run or climb stairs
  • Seeming to have stiff or sore joints
  • Favoring a limb
  • Difficulty sitting or standing
  • Sleeping more than usual
  • A personality change that involves resisting touch
  • Weight gain
  • Decreased activity or less interest in play
  • Barking or whimpering when touched
  • Seeming less alert
What Is Arthritis?
Canine arthritis, also known as osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease, is characterized by pain and inflammation in a dog’s joints. Arthritis is caused by the breaking down of smooth cartilage that covers and protects the bones that form a joint. Once the bones are exposed, painful wear and tear can occur.

Treatment for canine arthritis begins with prevention, as keeping a dog at a healthy weight and providing appropriate exercise is important for long-term health.

If you notice any of the above symptoms in your dog, please take them to your Vet for a checkup!


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