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Friday, October 24, 2014

Dogs Needing Rescue or Adoption by October 27 at Richland County Dog Shelter

Whenever a shelter sends out a message that starts with “Dear friends we are pleading here,” they mean business. The Richland County Dog Warden's Office and Shelter did send out that request for help. Again their shelter is full, with new dogs coming in every day. They need to have a commitment on at least 10 medium-to-large breed dogs by Monday morning, October 27.

Scroll down to see just some of the nice adoptable dogs available. The medium-to-large-sized dogs, including pit bulls, are especially urgent, although the shelter is also full of small breed dogs as well. Some of the dogs have been at the shelter for more than six months! Available dogs include hounds, beagles, several Chihuahua and Min Pin mixes, Mountain Curs, Pomeranian, Chow Chow mixes and a lot more!

The shelter says:
“Please help us share and spread the word for the amazing dogs of the Richland County dog shelter...we would hate to lose even just one, but we are almost out of space and out of options.”

If you are able to adopt or rescue any of the dogs, please email the Richland County Dog Warden at to request an application, or visit the shelter.

Contact information:
David Jordan, Richland County Dog Warden
810 North Home Rd.
Mansfield, OH 44906
Phone: 419-774-5892 or 419-774-5893

See all their dogs on Petfinder by clicking HERE.

 Some dogs are also on the RCDW Facebook page

For those who want to help the dogs but cannot adopt, use this gofundme link to donate for medical or to sponsor any of the Richland County Dog Shelter dogs.

Fuji is a beautiful female Mountain Cur mix, who is a long-time resident of the shelter. Fuji was left in the outside cages in July. A relative later called the shelter to say that she is good with other animals and children, but she sometimes suffered from separation anxiety issues.

Fuji is a very sweet and quiet girl, although she is sad at the shelter. Fuji doesn’t understand why she ended up there; all she wants is a home of her own and a family to love. Yet she is on the shelter’s urgent list.

What a pretty girl Pit Bull Terrier Candy is! But one look at the sadness in her eyes - and one look at her body - can tell you that she has a sad story to tell. Candy came in as a stray on October 17, 2014, full of milk and without her babies. Which is making her anxious and sad. As the shelter says, “I need my babies and I know they need me too. If you have any information about my pups, please let the shelter know.” Guess how she got her name: yes, she is super, super sweet. She just needs someone to help her find happiness again.

Young male pit bull terrier Maximus is quite a good looking boy. He is big and strong and already neutered, so he can go home with you today. Maximus isn’t doing well penned up in the shelter environment, so he needs rescued or adopted as soon as possible

Young female Pit Bull Terrier and Boxer mix Ebony is such a little sweetheart. She has a cute little under bite, too. Ebony has been at the shelter since September 25, 2014, and that is a long time for a dog who is only a year old to be homeless. She, too, is urgent.

Another urgent dog is Levi, a darling young male pit bull terrier. He’s been at the shelter since coming in as a stray on October 3, 2014. Levi is a friendly and playful guy who likes everyone he meets. He is good with dogs and cats, too. Please give him a chance and share Levi and the other dogs for rescue or adoption.

Hocus Pocus
Hocus Pocus is a senior female Pomeranian. She came to the shelter as a stray on October 20, 2014. A shelter is no place for a senior dog, who should be relaxing in style in a home of her own. Plus Hocus Pocus will no doubt be quite a good looking little girl once she is groomed.

This little cutie is Toffee, a female Chihuahua and Terrier mix. Toffee arrived at the shelter as a stray on October 18, 2014. Maybe her owner just hasn’t found her yet. Otherwise, how could anyone dump their dog, especially one that is small and helpless. Toffee was really scared when she first came to the shelter, but she is warming up to the volunteers. She is a bit overweight so could stand to shed a few pounds.

Johnny Ringo
Sweet male shepherd mix Johnny Ringo, why are you still at the shelter? Johnny Ringo was adopted in 2013 then picked up again as a stray in August 2014. His owner never came to claim him. He is a friendly and happy guy who just needs a forever family. And fast. For he is on the urgent list. At least 10 medium-to-large breed dogs must be rescued or adopted by Monday morning, October 27, 2014, or some on the urgent list, like Johnny Ringo, may have to be euthanized for lack of space.

Bernie is a male Shepherd mix with such emotional eyes. Bernie came into the shelter as a stray on September 15, 2014 neglected, thin, and very hungry. He was afraid at first, but now that he knows no one at the shelter wants to hurt him… well, he has warmed up thanks to the TLC he has been receiving. But it’s still not the same as having a family to love him. He is a bit aggressive with his food, so for this reason, the shelter doesn’t recommend his being adopted into a home with small children. But even if he won’t share the food in his bowl, he does take treats gently from your hand. This big old playful boy (just give him a ball and see him come to life), is on the urgent list. Please help share him so he can find his forever home.

This little girl with the big smile is Autumn, a Jack Russell Terrier and Terrier mix dog. She really is small, weighing about 15 to 20 pounds. Autumn was adopted on October 8, 2014, but was surrendered back to the shelter on the same day, after her adopter, who never had a dog before, had an allergic reaction to her. So it’s back again to hoping she’ll be adopted soon. Autumn will make a wonderful companion for an active person.

Young pit bull terrier Doc is approximately two to three years old and weighs about 40 pounds. Doc is a lot of fun; he is very playful and affectionate. But he also has a quiet side. Doesn’t he sound wonderful? But Doc has been at the shelter since September 17, 2014, and he is running out of time. Why not inquire about this terrific dog. According to the shelter, Doc is great with other dogs, too.

Young female Pit Bull Terrier mix Lainey is just about a year or two old. The shelter says she is super sweet, very gentle and well-behaved. When they tested her with other dogs, she was shy at first but was quick to warm up. So she is good with dogs and cats, passing both her dog and cat test! Pretty Lainey will make a great addition to a family, and hopefully soon. She has been at the shelter since September 13, 2014, and is currently on the urgent list.

Young male terrier mix Ash is about two years old and as cute as a button. He is a very sweet and friendly guy in a small package. Ash arrived at the shelter as a stray on October 20, 2014. Hurry in and see Ash, he just might win you over.

Male Chow Chow mix Bubba is another dog whose time may be limited. This handsome guy was adopted out but brought back to the shelter a few months later, after his adopters said he was nippy with their grandkids. The shelter says: “We think maybe they didn't do slow introductions or are not well aware of the typical chow personality. We will do some behavior reassessment with him.”

Bubba does fine with calm dogs (he doesn’t like other dogs jumping on him). With a good grooming, he will be gorgeous!

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