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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dog Houses Are They a Thing of the Past?

Dog houses used to be fixtures in the American suburban landscape. That doesn't seem to be the case today. I couldn't find any statistics regarding dog houses' possible demise, but I did note that no less a source than the American Pet Product Association recently acknowledged that dogs are "moving from the dog house into our houses."

Dogs are pack animals that thrive on companionship. Much like their wolf ancestors, dogs are very social. In fact, dogs are more social than humans and need to be part of human families. When you own a dog, you become the dog's pack and he wants to be with his pack. Forcing a dog to live outside with little or no human companionship is one of the most psychological damaging things a pet owner can do to a dog.

I think dogs tend to sleep inside now in a crate or on a dog bed, as opposed to being put out for the night to sleep in a doghouse. It was once rare to have the family dog spend the night inside.

Take a look at dog houses of the past...

                                                          Click on images to enlarge.

            photo DogHousepicforstory_zps76ef9bd2.jpg        photo Doghouse-2_zpse6af5a65.jpg        photo Doghouse-1_zps0f50fe71.jpg

...and present!

                                                         Click on images to enlarge.

            photo luxurydoghouse-2_zps0504de78.jpg        photo luxurydoghouse-1_zps93cb39c1.jpg        photo luxurydoghouse-4_zpscb727f22.jpg

             photo luxurydoghouse-3_zps42eff1dc.jpg

Doggy Doors
With more people keeping their dogs indoors, they still want them to have access to the backyard.  For several years people have started installing doggy doors in their homes to give their pets access to the yard when they are not home. Do you have a doggy door? Would you consider having a doggy door?

Take a look at this doggy door: