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Friday, August 10, 2018

Canine Epilepsy: Demystifying The Myths

Not a lot has changed regarding the fear and myths surrounding canine epilepsy since the first person observed seizing dogs when animal/human cohabitation started. Throughout history, thousands of people suffering from epilepsy have been killed because they were thought to be possessed by the devil. Sadly, despite all the scientific improvement and understanding of this medical condition, there is still a need to demystify one of the most common but devastating neurological diseases. Thus, even though enormous progress has been made in the last century in understanding the biological basis of canine epilepsy, and even more in developing effective antiepileptic drugs, our first reaction is not so different from that of our ancestors: the animal is often destroyed and the epileptic status not recognized.

Let us throw some light on the situation. An epileptic dog can have a happy and long life, as long as the seizure activity is well under control.

Seizures can have a very dramatic appearance, but are not painful. However, a dog can feel confusion and can have episodes of panic. So a seizing dog, or a dog recovering from a seizure, needs to be approached carefully to avoid unintentionally biting other dogs or people.

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