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Saturday, June 23, 2018

It Was Either Me or the Cat — And I Won

After two years of dating, it was time for Arran and me to take the next step in our relationship. Arran was attractive, successful, funny and kind. He was, above all, loyal — and I was thrilled we'd be moving in together. I was less happy, however, that our living together meant living with his cat.

I'm a dog person, and own a pit bull named Spud. Although I am not particularly a cat person, I particularly disliked Chloe. She was overweight and tattered looking, smelly and unfriendly — except at three in the morning, when she'd sit on your face, demanding pets. But Arran loved her, and so I kept my criticisms to myself.

Seeing that I have a rent-controlled, one-bedroom apartment in a prime neighborhood in Manhattan, it was decided we'd all be moving into my place. In the beginning, the biggest question was where we'd put the litter box. I approached the challenge cheerfully. I googled "small space litter box solutions" and researched clever ways to disguise the smell.

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