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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Tips to Care for Your Cat After Surgery

Whether it’s a simple spay or neuter or something more serious, here's what should you know about caring for your cat after surgery.

Nearly every pet cat, at some point in his life, undergoes some type of surgical procedure. If you’re lucky, the only procedure your cat will ever need is a spay or a neuter. Unfortunately, our beloved feline friends occasionally require additional surgical intervention, with some of the more common procedures being skin biopsy, tumor removal, bladder stone removal, laceration repair, tooth extraction and pinning or plating of a broken bone.

Once your cat is out of surgery, the recovery process begins. Some surgeries require a period of hospitalization after the operation. Others are outpatient surgeries that allow the cat to be sent home the same day. Most veterinary hospitals provide clients with both written and verbal instructions for post-op home care when the cat is discharged from the hospital. The period immediately following surgery is when most complications occur, so it’s critical to carefully follow your veterinarian’s instructions. Check out these important tips for how to care for your cat after surgery.

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