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Monday, February 27, 2017

Take a Look at These Beautiful Cats in Cute Sleeping Positions

Everyone loves a really great nap, and no one loves napping more than cats. But these cats take it to a whole new level. Watch and learn. This is how it’s done.

Meet the Buddha cat, expert practitioner of the Awkward Crouch Under the Table pose. 

                             Dust bunny or tiny grey kitten? Hard to say

                                        This cat’s nap game is strong.

                                  Perfect, pocket-sized pussycat.

Falling asleep while watching over the neighborhood is a professional hazard for many guard cats. Luckily it looks pretty quiet out there.

                                       Winning at hide and seek!

                        This cat’s commitment to napping is admirable.

Who’s going to go looking for the cat in a rain gutter? Guaranteed peace and solitude. Well played, cat.

          Fastest way to dry your cat after a bath. Definitely try this at home.

                  Imitation has always been the sincerest form of flattery.

                This cat will be awake and full of energy in thirty minutes.

                                                      No words …

                               Oh, the weather outside is frightfull…

                                               I can do acrobats!

Those pink paws. That satisfied smile. The way he melts into the glass. Bliss!

                                           I need a bigger pillow!

       You can always count on cats to find the warmest spot in the house.

                      You will never be more relaxed than this cat.

                                    Guess the heat lamp is working.

                  Best use of an UGG boot in the history of everything.

                                                 So damn close

It doesn’t matter how badly you want to play one of those video games, there’s no way you’re moving this cutie.

                       Safest, cleanest, warmest cat bed ever. #gooddog

             You just never know when you’re going to run out of steam.

                           If it (barely) fits, that’s good enough for this cat.

         They probably have a perfectly awesome cat bed …. but this is better.

                   He probably got worn out playing “Cat Scratch Fever.”

Everyone has their own napping style. These two are displaying a couple of very popular variations.

          That time you conked out right as you were about to catch a butterfly.

               Cats: defying the laws of physics, one railing at a time.

                                     The best “dog bed” EVER.

All new moms understand the depth of this cat’s exhaustion. And, sadly, this nap probably only lasted a few minutes.

                                  Vertically challenged napping.

This cat probably has a dozen wonderful store bought toys. But, of course, it’s the cardboard box that gets played with so hard that he fell asleep while he was still playing with it.

We’re just trying to imagine how this happened. Did they all go in at once? Did the white one get in first? Or last? And is there another cat coming that will make the white one pop out entirely?

If this cat had a margarita beside him, he’d be living all of our vacation dreams. 


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