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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Meet Cameron's Chinchillas: They Are So Adorable, They Look Fake…But They Are Real

These adorable chinchillas come from a breeder called Cameron, based in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. He specializes mainly in breeding show quality violet chinchillas that, as a feature, have these perfectly round butts.

Don’t worry, they’re not being overfed or groomed everyday to look that round, it’s just how their fur naturally looks like. On Cameron’s website many people state that the chinchillas are being taken care of extremely well, they have lots of toys, are being played with daily and are as happy as any chinchilla could be.

Don’t forget to follow Cameron on Facebook/Instagram for more pics of this round fluffy goodness!



From Cameron's Chinchillas Facebook Page:

Indie my beige carrying violet female took Best Young Mutation and Reserve Best Mutation at the Southern Region Chieveley show yesterday! FYI: Incase anyone is wondering Indie does not live in this cage - it is for exhibition only so the chinchilla can be individually graded by a professionally trained judge by the National Chinchilla Society's show criteria - whilst some stress is in life is unavoidable, care is taken to ensure the chinchillas are kept in a cool, quiet hall. Most of the chinchillas spend the majority of the day asleep in their show cages and are only briefly disturbed during judging (although many aren't phased by this and may even stay asleep). Breeders ensure a sufficient rest period has been provided after each show, otherwise the chinchilla will lose condition and subsequently not place as well. Generally it's advised to take one chinchilla to no more than three or four shows to get a range of expert opinions from judges. If anyone has any questions about showing please feel free to ask.


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