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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Meet Samson, the Largest Cat in New York City

This is Samson, the largest cat in New York City. Dr. Lisa Lippman, a Manhattan veterinarian, said he is by far the biggest cat she has ever heard of!

Samson, a Maine coon, is four feet long and weighs 28 pounds! For perspective, an average cat weighs between 8-10 lbs and is about 2 feet long! It is not unusual, however, for Maine Coon cats to weigh between 15 to 20 lbs.

According to his dad, Splurt Zillionz, Samson is a tender, sweet, but tough guy. Samson likes to wrestle and loves to cuddle – only when no one is watching! Samson is now 4 years old and has been living with his dad in New York since November 2013.

Even though the apartment in NYC are small, Samson always finds a place to hang out. Samson also loves to go for rides in his green cat stroller.

Every few months, Samson gets a $120 grooming session to keep himself looking lush and fluffy! Samson eats six cans of wet food a day and uses four pounds of litter a week.

Samson’s groomer, Carolyn Ayala said he is long, broad, strong, and heavy – he is not fat. He is well-proportioned. She called him a gentle giant.

Because of his size, Samson has been getting a lot of attention. He is big news in New York and all around the world! Samson has over 34,000 followers on Instagram, his account is called @catstradamus.

But, in typical cat fashion, Samson pretends he doesn’t care at all!


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