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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Meet Utah’s First Electronic Detection K-9 or ‘Porn Dog’ Named URL

The Weber County Sheriff’s Office in Ogden, Utah, announced on Facebook that the department has added a cute new member to its staff, an electronic detection K-9 or “porn dog” named URL, who is the first of his kind in the state.

The 16-month old black Lab, who was rescued from an animal shelter as a puppy, is only one of nine certified electronic detection K-9s in the country, the post said, and comes from the same trainer as Bear, the K-9 who played a key role in the arrest of ex-Subway spokesman Jared Fogle last year.

“Specially trained to sniff out electronic storage devices such as thumb drives, cellphones, SIM cards, SD cards, external hard drives, tablets and iPads, URL offers a unique set of skills to aid investigators in fighting crime,” the Facebook post said. “Whether it’s child porn, terrorism intelligence, narcotics or financial crimes information, URL has the ability to find evidence hidden on basically any electronic memory device.”

URL will assist investigators on specific types of cases and will also be used at the local correctional facility to seek out contraband such as cell phones.

But how does the pup do it? “His highly sensitive nose has been trained to detect the unique chemical compounds found in the certain electronic components,” the post said.

According to the department, URL went through six months of training in Indiana before becoming certified. His handler, detective Cam Hartman, also received nine days of expert training and the pair will be re-certified each year.


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