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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Washington Humane Society-Washington Animal Rescue League: 63 Cats and Kittens Surrendered in DC Hoarding Case

Washington, DC -  Washington Humane Society -Washington Animal Rescue League   Animal Control and Humane Law Enforcement Officers have removed 63 cats and kittens from a home in Northwest Washington following a case of hoarding and inhumane treatment of animals.  The animals belonged to two women who had been living illegally in the residence.

On Tuesday evening, July 19, WHS-WARL Officers reported to the 800 block Decatur Avenue, NW after being contacted by the realtor for the home.  Officers arrived to find 63 cats on the property.  Of those 63 cats, 27 are kittens under one month old.

Upon entering the house, officers observed deplorable conditions inside, with feces located throughout the house both inside and outside of litter boxes.   There were between 20 -25 cats located inside the home.  Further investigation revealed a U-Haul van in the rear of the building containing approximately 20 adult cats and more than 30 kittens of various ages.  Many of the cats and kittens are suffering from Upper Respiratory Infections, are underweight, and were overheated due to confinement in the U-Haul trailer.

“This is an extreme case of hoarding and inhumane treatment of animals,” said Lisa LaFontaine, President and CEO of WHS-WARL.  “These cats and kittens, most of whom are in very vulnerable condition, will require medical care, proper nutrition and humane living conditions – all of which they have been denied until the moment they entered our care. With an intake of 63 cats and kittens over a 24 hour period, WHS-WARL’s ability to house these animals and provide them with the resources they need will be taxed.  Thankfully, we expect to adopt more than 150 animals on Saturday at a special adoptions event which should allow us to give these cats and kittens undivided attention and space for recovery.”

Officers removed 38 cats and kittens on Tuesday evening and returned to the property Wednesday to remove the remaining animals.  The cats and kittens were immediately taken to the Animal Care facility at New York Avenue where they will be evaluated by WHS-WARL medical staff.

This WHS-WARL Humane Law Enforcement case remains under investigation.

The special adoption event referred to is Clear the Shelters, an annual national program that offers fee-waived adoptions to qualified adopters on Saturday, July 23 from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.  Both WHS-WARL Adoption Centers (71 Oglethorpe Street, NW and 1201 New York Avenue, NE) will be open for this program.

WHS-WARL Officers recovered 44 cats and kittens from the home.  The residents of the home took approximately 20 cats when they left the address overnight.

About Washington Animal Rescue League /Washington Humane Society (WARL-WHS)
The Washington Humane Society -Washington Animal Rescue League combined organization cares for more than 60,000 animals annually. The broad range of programs offered include: rescue and adoption, humane law enforcement, low-cost veterinary services, animal care & control, behavior and training, spay-neuter services, humane education, and many others.  Operating four animal-care facilities in Washington, D.C., the organization occupies a significant footprint in the District, and serves as a resource to current pet guardians and prospective adopters across the region.

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