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Friday, March 11, 2016

L.A. County Animal Control to 'Dog Whisperer' Cesar Millan: Show Us the Pig

Before they wrap up a probe into allegations of animal cruelty involving “dog whisperer” Cesar Millan, Los Angeles County animal control officials want to see the pot-bellied pig that was attacked by a French bulldog mix during a TV episode.

Investigators also want the names of everyone who appeared on the Feb. 26 episode of National Geographic Wild’s “Cesar 911” show.

Then they will decide whether the canine-on-swine-related violence rises to the level of a crime, officials said Friday.

“We know what we saw, and if you saw the entire video, then you know what we know,” said Aaron Reyes, deputy director for the County of L.A. Department of Animal Care and Control. “There’s no question that what happened. A dog under Cesar Millan’s control escaped and attacked another live animal, in this case a pot-bellied pig.”

In a statement, National Geographic Wild does not dispute that the French bulldog mix, named Simon, attacked the pig during training. The dog reportedly bit the pig in the ear, drawing blood. Later in the episode, the same pig appears to be leashed to the dog on a walk around a pen in an attempt to train it to co-exist with pigs – which was a big problem for Simon.

But Reyes said context is important in investigating allegations of animal cruelty, which were lodged Thursday by an animal rights activist who saw the episode.

“The dog that was in question, that Cesar was attempting to train, broke away from him in the video, and immediately charged the pig. Now, what we’re hearing from the [complaining party] is that the biggest concern is someone had that pig, a male adult was holding one of those pigs, those rear legs, and holding the pig up, which made the pig squeal, which made the dog into a frenzy. And it immediately charged at that pig. And the dog attacked,” Reyes said.


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