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Monday, February 29, 2016

8 Critical Behavior Changes To Watch Out For In Your Cat

A few years ago one, of my cats started acting strange in a way I couldn’t quite pinpoint. I brought her to see our veterinarian and, after a bit of prodding, I timidly professed “Well, her voice just sounds different.” It felt so silly coming out of my mouth. Our veterinarian, however, didn’t think it was silly at all. “You know her best” he reminded me. It was exactly the kind of validation I needed. In the end, it was lucky that I was able to trust my intuition. Something was indeed wrong with her and that small detail — that small change in her behavior — helped us catch it early.

I’d like to pass that validation on to you. You know her best. You know her habits. You know her activity level. You know what gets her excited. Many behavior changes can indicate that something is wrong with your cat. Trust your gut and get her checked out. Here are 8 red-flag behavior changes to pay attention to.

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