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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Woman With No Family Looses Everything in House Fire: Needs Donations for Help with Vet Bills for Pets Burned in Fire

Massachusetts: A terrifying nightmare in the early hours of Thanksgiving morning as an apartment building caught fire and residents had to flee for their lives. In the ensuing horror, resident Katy lost all sight of her two beloved kitties Mister and Gus.

The building was destroyed in the fast moving blaze, and Katy, losing everything, feared she had lost the loves of her life as well. In the hours and days that followed Katy posted and searched tirelessly for any sign of Gus and Mister. She soon learned that Mister, her 9 year old Russian Blue mix, had been found by nearby neighbors, terribly burned, and taken to a local vet clinic.

Katy rushed to the clinic only to find her sweet Mister lying suffering with no help. She whisked him away to a different hospital, where surgery was performed. Katy was able to find a little help locally for Mister, but sadly not nearly enough. And as Mister struggles now with infection, more procedures needed, and a lot of long-term care and pain management needed, Katy is $1000 in the hole with the hospital, only a few dollars to her name and denied credit, and desperately needs our help to assure Mister the life-saving care he needs.

We spoke with the hospital, they have agreed to keep Mister in for another week.. on the condition we overnight $2100 for his past due bill and current estimate. I said of course we will. Now I need your help to make good on that promise.

Beyond that, Gus was never found. In a few moments I will do a separate post for Gus. I wish for Katy so much that we would find Gus. He may be out there, he may be badly injured and suffering. We need to know, and to help him if we can.

Lastly, this young lady has lost everything and has no family. Gus and Mister are her family. And it's Christmas. We would like to raise enough funds to give Katy a generous gift card from both Macy's and WalMart so that she can replace just a few of the personal items so badly needed, and know that there are many good people in this world who care when others suffer, and reach out to help.

Please help us give Katy, Mister, (and paws crossed very, very tightly, Gus), an Alex's Angel Christmas.

Please help Mister with any donation possible at Please type Mister in the Referred By box (if using our secure Acceptiva major credit cards/echeck page) or in the Note/Message to Seller Box (PayPal). Depending on the payment method, Paypal also asks the pet's name on the donation review page after you enter all your info.

The address for mailed donations is also at the link. Thank you so much for your helping Mister and Katy. For The Love Of Alex Inc is an all volunteer, 501c3 organization, helping pets in urgent need of veterinary care and the families who love them.

About: For The Love Of Alex Inc.
For The Love Of Alex Inc. is a nonprofit corp dedicated to funding charitable, life-saving veterinary care for pets in need whose families cannot afford the care. With the help of kind donors like you, we save precious lives & un-break families' hearts.

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