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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Little Boy Says Heartbreaking Goodbye to Pet Goldfish

Alberta, Canada  - It can be hard to say goodbye to your best friend – especially when you have to flush him down the toilet.

In a scene that is probably familiar to those of us who owned pet fish when we were young, a little Alberta boy’s heartbreaking goodbye to his goldfish has become a viral video hit.

Spirit River, Alberta’s Brooke Geherman originally posted the video to her Facebook and YouTube channels this past March showing her young son, Kowen, saying goodbye to his dearly departed goldfish.

Kowen bids goodbye to the fish in question, named “Top”, with a few kisses before committing his body to the water.

But it’s his reaction once the fish has been flushed that’s truly heartbreaking, as the tearful boy shares a hug with his mom.


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