The Pet Tree House - Where Pets Are Family Too : Meet The Chickens Who Broke Up A Fight Between Two Rabbits (Video)

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Meet The Chickens Who Broke Up A Fight Between Two Rabbits (Video)

Rabbits might be incredibly docile and gentle creatures, but as this video shows, when pushed to the limits, even rabbits can be antagonized into a fight. In this video, what might have started as a minor squabble over the last clover flower snack, escalates into a full out fight! In the human world, a battle of this proportion would likely be broken up by the cops, however, we don’t know that human officers would respond to a bunny brawl.

Don’t fear though, two brave chicken cops, who witness this spectacle, are willing to step up and restore the peace. Jumping on the scene, these courageous chickens are able to get the rabbits apart in no time at all. Then, like any good enforcer would, the chickens give the rabbits a stern talking to and a few seconds to cool off. Once the chickens feel the rabbits have truly learned their lesson, they leave them be.

Hopefully the rabbits really try to work out their issues peaceably in the future, otherwise next time the chicken cops will have to use the paw-cuffs!


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