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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Man Rescues Dog From Busy Freeway (VIDEO)

When it comes to saving animals, all it takes is a brave heart, a loving soul, and maybe a lunch time sandwich. When an injured dog was spotted lying in the middle of a busy Texas highway, a passerby called Animal Control to remove the animal, but Ricky Young decided to take the matter into his own hands.

“I’m just kind of a softy on that stuff,” he said in his interview. “I have a dog and would hate to see him on a highway like that.”

Originally, the frightened lab-mix backs away from Young, but using a little creativity, Young pulled a sandwich out of his pocket and was able to coax the pup towards his car. He then picks the dog up, and immediately takes her to the SPCA.

According to a veterinarian, Young’s actions were incredibly timed. After inspection, the dog had several broken bones and was bleeding internally. Even if she was able to avoid being hit by a car, she probably wouldn’t have made it out on the streets by herself.

Thanks to this brave man, the dog was given a second chance at survival, and possibly a second chance at having a loving family.

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