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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Pets Rescued From Foreclosed Maine Home, Found In Wretched Condition

A dog and cat were rescued from a foreclosed home in Biddeford, Maine after an anonymous tip led police to the home on October 1, 2014, according to a press release by the Biddeford Police Department.

Biddeford police officers arrived to find the home smelling of urine and feces, and covered in filth. There were piles of feces and pools of urine. What once was a litter box was completely overloaded with cat feces.

An emaciated terrier and injured gray tiger cat were inside, without food or water. The owners had left the house on September 17, 2014, after the eviction notice was served.

Bruce Friedel, 61, was charged with animal cruelty, failure to provide necessary sustenance, failure to provide medical attention and failure to provide shelter for the animals.

The white and brown terrier-mix weighed between 20 and 30 pounds, and was significantly underweight. The dog had not been fed or watered in some time, and was missing large portions of hair. The dog was suffering from patches of red and irritated skin. The cat, which had not been fed in some time, had a “significant hind end limp.”

The animals were brought to a local veterinarian for an examination. The cat was covered in fleas and had a broken femur or pelvis that was determined to be an older injury. The dog needed to be muzzled due to a fear of people. When the veterinarian removed the muzzle, a tooth fell out, due to advanced gum disease. The skin problems were yeast and fungal infections. Both animals were severely malnourished.

Friedel is scheduled to appear in court December 17.

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