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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Left Behind: Dog Left at Shelter After Owner Reclaims Only One of Two Dogs

Not long ago, an amiable dog was picked up with another dog and both were taken to the Humane Society of Greenwood in South Carolina.

The two dogs, who happened to look very much like one another, waited in their kennel...hoping that their owner would come and take them home. Fortunately, someone did come to the shelter to claim ownership, but the woman only took one dog - the other dog, named "Roscoe," was left behind.

Today, the rescue coordinator for the facility is pleading for help for the dog who was left behind - she wrote:

As you walk past our kennels he isn't standing at the front of the kennel with his tail wagging he's sitting politely waiting on someone to take the time to say hello, his name is Roscoe.

He came into our shelter as a stray with another dog that looked very much like him. The owner came but only got one of the dogs back, and poor Roscoe was left here. When she left he stared at the door, waiting on her to come back.

Roscoe is described as "gentle" and "friendly," and aside from being handsome, he has a great temperament and appears to get along with (and frankly "love") everyone - young, old, canine or human.

The rescue coordinator stated:

Roscoe is heartworm negative, and has been healthy since he has been here. He is one of my favorites, and comes in the office every afternoon after we close to hang out with me. He never makes a mess or has an accident while he's in there.

Roscoe has been betrayed and now, because his owner is not going to take him home, he needs the help of strangers. Anyone who has questions or who is interested in offering this handsome boy a forever home, is asked to email:

HSOG Offices: 864.223.2498
Shelter: 864.942.8558
Adoption: 864.942.8775

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