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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Dog Suffers from Rare Allergy to Humans

We've all heard of people being allergic to pets. But what about a dog that's allergic to people?

Meet Adam, a black lab who has a severe medical reaction to human dander.

The sick pup was dropped off at the Lucky Dog animal shelter in Indiana.

Staffers changed his diet and gave him special baths but couldn't figure out what was wrong until a blood test revealed his unique condition.

All thanks to the diagnosis, a custom treatment might be coming soon.

"The vet seems to think we can fix him, they put a serum together just like with kids allergies and he starts on allergy shots this week," said Robin Herman from Lucky Dog shelter.

In the meantime, Adam will continue to live at the Lucky Dog shelter.

They're accepting donations for his care.

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