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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Woman Attacked by 300 Pound Black Bear

Santa Barbara, California  -A 65-year-old woman narrowly survived a vicious encounter with a 300lb black bear that tackled her to the ground, cracked her rib, a sunk its teeth into her thigh.

Emily Miles was walking her two dogs in an avocado grove in Santa Barbara, California,
when the six-foot animal burst out of the trees and reared onto its hind legs.

She ran but not fast enough to out-manoeuvre the bear, which took one swipe of its claw that shredded her shirt, leaving three-inch-deep wounds.

Hitting the ground, she cracked a rib as the beast took a bite out of her thigh.

Incredibly, as Miles thought she was on the brink of death, she then stared the bear in the eye - and it cowered onto all fours before retreating into the woods.

"Looking at him, I knew he could kill me in an instant," she told KEYT-TV.

He was probably 300 pounds and 6 feet tall, standing. He spared me, and I thank God he did.

He took me down. He grabbed me, sunk his teeth into my thigh and knocked me down," she said.

"It was standing on its hind legs, staring at me and I was looking at him, and then he just went down on all fours," and walked away, she said.

Wildlife experts have hailed the escape as 'incredible' as they now embark on a hunt to catch the bear and test it for rabies.

But Miles insists she does not want anyone to harm it.

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