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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Mail Carrier Has Best Reason Ever Not To Deliver Package: Bear At Door

Letter carriers push through bad weather and the occasional angry dog to be sure we get our deliveries on time, but it appears they draw the line at bears.

A postal worker in Vancouver, Canada reached that limit on Monday when he ran into a bear in Matthew Fane's yard while trying to deliver a package.

In a tweet that has since gone viral, Fane posted a picture of a notification he found in his mailbox Tuesday morning, explaining why a package had not been delivered to him. The note simply read, "Bear at door."

We think that's a pretty good excuse

"My wife was the first to find the note and she came in the door laughing. How could I be mad?" Fane told "There aren't many more legitimate excuses than this to not drop the package off."

Despite Fane posting the photo in jest, the Canada Post seemed to take him quite seriously, asking him to share his location so they could investigate. He let them know that wouldn't be necessary.

Fane later tweeted that the postal worker's note checked out when a Twitter user shared with him what appeared to be a photo of the bear in his driveway

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