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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Dog With Two Noses' Moved to Sacramento Aussie Rescue Operation

A playful Australian shepherd with "two noses" found wandering on the side of the road in Tulare County in California has been moved to the NorCal Aussie Rescue for some special evaluation and care.

At first authorities weren't sure if Toby, as he was named, was a stray or if he had been lost; the shelter kept the happy pooch to see if his owners would show up. Meanwhile there have been numerous offers to adopt him, but authorities wondered if Toby would get the care he really needs.

Toby wasn't born with two noses; his condition has been diagnosed as a cleft palate. The NorCal Aussie Facebook page posted the following:

"Our newest foster is 11 months old, bouncy and fun, lived with barnyard animals and with cats and dogs. He was born with a cleft palate. Don't know if he's a candidate for surgery - will post more after my appointment with Dr. True at Sacramento Animal Hospital."

A purebred Australian shepherd, Toby was one of 10 puppies born 11 months ago. His owner no longer wants him, but it's doubtful that this friendly pooch will have any trouble finding a home equipped for his "special needs."

If interested in adopting Toby, please click HERE for more information. 

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