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Monday, August 18, 2014

Afghanistan Veteran and His Former Canine Comrade for Two Years, Reunite After they Both Returned from War

Any reunion between two war buddies is bound to be emotional, but after a nationwide search brought together a U.S. Marine Corps Veteran with the bomb-sniffing dog he served with, tears and wags were in order.

Lance Cpl. Dylan Bogue served in Afghanistan for seven months with the black lab Moxie, but hadn't seen his former partner for two years.

'I'm very happy, very grateful for the people that made this come together. It's really truly a dream,' Bogue told (WHDH- TV).

Bogue and Moxie were paired up at a training course in North Carolina in 2011 before being deployed to Afghanistan, where they worked to detect improvised explosive devices.

Still, Bogue insists that Moxie did more than just protect his unit from bombs.
"It was comforting and reassuring to myself and my unit to have a dog there in the stressful situations of a combat deployment," he told the Boston Herald.

Bogue said that he suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, and believes that Moxie does too.

After returning to the U.S., Moxie began working with Boston's transit police and was an integral part of security at this year's marathon, searching for explosives on Boston's metro line.

"We did a lot of security work leading up to the last Boston Marathon, we were all over that Green Line," said Chip Leonard, the handler who gave up Moxie.

At the handover ceremony on Wednesday, Leonard was emotional as he saluted Bogue and said goodbye to his trusted partner.

"This was probably one of the toughest things I've ever gone through,' he told WBZ. Leonard later posted to Facebook that Bogue has "got his good pal back with him."

The reunion was made possible by Vietnam vet Lon Hodge, who sent out a call to find Moxie through his blog where he writes about the importance of service dogs to veterans' well-being.

Now that Moxie is retired from service, he'll join the civilian canines at Bogue's home, which include three pit bulls and an Australian shepherd.

Companion: Lance Cpl. Dylan Bogue had not seen his former partner Moxie for two years after the pair served together in Afghanistan.

Comfort canine: Bogue says that he and Moxie have PTSD but that his partner's presence with his unit was reassuring.

Service dog: Moxie will be with civilian dogs when he returns to Bogue's home. Here he dozes with Bogue and his unit.


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