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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

T-Shirts by Doug Ratner - "I'd Rather Be With My Dog" - (Doug Ratner & The Watchmen)

My friend Doug Ratner...come on you know the name and the music! Doug Ratner & The Watchmen, has just launched his new company, "I'd Rather Be With My Dog", a line of T-Shirts with some of your favorite breeds. Currently available are: Beagle, Bulldog, Black Lab, Golden Retriever, German Shepherd and Dachshund.

From Doug:
Check out the shirts, read about the charities, check out the blogs, and tell us what you think and remember that every single one of YOU played a little part in inspiring me to launch this new company.  Check them out HERE! 

                                              Check out these cool T-Shirts...and order your favorite!


                                                                 German Shepherd

                                                                    Golden Retriever


                                                                        Black Lab

Dachshund  - *IMPORTANT: Dachshund T-Shirts are in production! Pre-order now! They will be able to be shipped by 10/14/13*
They have just released a new music video for the Washington Humane Society!

Did you see my baby, Jonas in the video!

About: Doug Ratner & The Watchmen

Doug Ratner & The Watchmen have covered a lot of ground in a pretty short space of time. If rock n’ roll and the highway make a perfect marriage, the power trio out of Longmeadow, Massachusetts has spent the last year-and-a-half on its honeymoon.


                                                                    Doug and his favorite girl...Trudy!

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