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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hero Dog Loses Snout Saving Two Young Girls in the Philippines from Motorcycle Accident

Zamboanga City, Philippines - In December, 2011, a shepherd mix (Aspin) named Kabang saved two children from a potentially fatal accident. In the process she literally had her face ripped off. In fact, it is hard to believe that she is alive today; hard to imagine how she was able to survive such horrific injuries. But she is alive and being hailed a hero by those who have heard her amazing story.

An eyewitness, Jovito Urpiano, believed she was well aware of the impending harm about to befall the children and came to their rescue. Urpiano saw the dog throw herself onto the motorcycle.

She struck with such deliberate force that at first he thought somebody had thrown her. It is now obvious the dog intentionally blocked the motorcycle to save the children.

Rudy Bunggal, Dina’s father, who works at a nearby shop, also witnessed how Kabang saved the lives of his daughter and niece. Bunggal immediately ran to attend to Kabang and noticed her serious injuries. Once freed, Kabang eloped and was untraceable. Everyone feared the worst, but after two weeks she reappeared at the family home.

According to the Inquirer-News, 9-year old Dina Bunggal and cousin 3-year old Princess Diansing, were about to cross a busy street and failed to notice a motorcycle heading straight towards them. Kabang, the family dog, appeared out of nowhere and threw herself in front the speeding motorcycle that was on the verge of hitting the two young children.

The brave dog’s face was severely injured in the impact because she struck the motorcycle head on. The children were unhurt and the motorist had a few bruises, but Kabang lost the entire top part of her mouth. Tragically, the heroic leap planted her snout directly into the wheel of the motorcycle. When the bike flipped, her snout and jaw was ripped from her face.

Bunggal and his wife, Christina, are extremely grateful to the dog for having prevented an accident that could have killed Dina and Princess. He found Kabang when she was a stray puppy and raised her like one of his children. Bunggal explained Kabang had developed a close bond with Dina and they would even sleep in the same bed. The children always played with the dog, and Bunggal feels Kabang’s instantaneous action was triggered by her closeness to them.

City Pound personnel had asked him to bring Kabang into their custody to be euthanized but he vehemently objected. Her deed has been heralded as heroic and her resulting plight has drawn a wave of sympathy. Animal doctor Anton Lim of the Tzu Chi Foundation, who was among the first veterinarians to attend to Kabang said: “She is healthy and I see that she is adjusting to her situation.”



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