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Monday, June 6, 2011

The Pet Ferret

Have you ever considered owing a ferret as a pet? Did you know that ferrets are becoming popular alternatives to more traditional pets?


The ferret is a domesticated mammal. They are sexually dimorphic predators  with males being substantially larger than females. They typically have brown, black, white, or mixed fur. They have an average length of 20 inches including a 5 inch tail, they weigh about 1.5–4 pounds, and have a natural lifespan of 7 to 10 years.

Female ferrets are called jills, and males are hobs. Baby ferrets are called kits, and. In spayed females are sometimes called sprites. While neutered males called gibs. A group of ferrets is a 'business of ferrets'.

Ferrets need to be with other ferrets and it is unkind to keep one ferret on its own. Either males or females from the same litter can live happily together. Although ferrets can appear very tame, they are not easy to take care of, they need a great deal of space and may try to escape. They sleep a large part of the day.

Tips on buying a ferret:
Here are a few ideas of what you should look for in a healthy ferret:
Bright eyes that are free from crusting and other substances
Healthy skin
Soft coat
The ferret should appear alert
Ferrets should be naturally curious
The animal shouldn't be sneezing
Clean bottom
Healthy appetite

Please take a look at the cute video below:

                                                                      Click on image to enlarge.
                                                                       photo ferret-1_zpsbffe2c7b.jpg


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