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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dog Safety In And Out of The Car - Using A Seatbelt, Harness or Leash

When you get into your car what is the first thing that you do? Of course, you buckle your seatbelt. When you put your young child in the car…you buckle their seatbelt. When it’s time to take you dog out for a trip…to you allow them to run freely in the car…or do you buckle their seatbelt?

If you let your dog run freely, you are not only endangering their life, your life, but the lives of others. A sudden stop can send your dog flying over the seat. Your dog can get frightened and jump on you causing you to lose control of the car. You love your dog and do everything to protect them at home, so why not protect them in the car. Remember, never leave your dog in a hot car.

Four Reasons to use a Pet Safety Belt
A Pet Safety Belt for your dog will help:                                  
1. Prevent Car or Truck Driver Distraction
2. Protect Passengers from injury in an accident
3. Reduce injury during travel to pet
4. Help rescue workers by keeping a dog restrained
Walking your dog
Dogs are great walking companions! If you begin walking with your dog, you may soon find that they are ready to walk when you are The great health benefit is that you can combine your walk as a weight loss program!

Your dog  should never be running ahead of you, and should never be leading you. You should always have complete control over your animal. When you get a new puppy, Start attaching your dog's leash the day you bring him home, and venture out together as soon as possible.

Equipment for Walking your dog
Begin by selecting the right leash and collar for your dog. Make your choices not only on your dog's breed, but also on his current size, and behavior level. . Fixed  collars made of nylon are a much smarter choice for smaller pets. Head collars are also available for dogs of all sizes.


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