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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Are Dogs Really Mans Best Friend?

Are dogs really mans best friend? For years dogs have been used by man to accomplish many goals for mankind. For instance, did you know that Search and Rescue (SAR) dogs where used in 9ll to look for victims buried underneath the rubble? This was considered the largest deployment of search dogs in U.S. history, using between 350 – 500 search dogs.

Dogs are currently being used by the military in Afghanistan to detect roadside bombs. The dogs of choice are usually Belgian malinois, German shepherds and Labradors, and are called bomb-sniffing dogs. These dogs even have service numbers tattooed inside their ears. While they are considered working dogs…they still enjoy getting treats and playing with the Soldiers!

Additionally, dogs are used in prison settings to search for weapons, drugs and cell phones. They are also used in prison based dog training programs, called “Rehabilitation for Canine and Human”. This program allows the inmate who has received training the responsibility of raising and training dogs from animal shelters. Some of these dogs are used for people with disabilities or available for adoption.

So, as you can see dogs play an important role in our lives, not only as pets, but they serve as: Police dogs, Fire dogs, Bomb sniffing dogs, Guide dogs for the disabled, Search and Rescue dogs, Guard dogs for home and property, Military dogs, Therapy dogs, and loving companions!

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